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Your Real Estate Journey, Simplified

Buying a home can be one of the largest, most important decisions anyone can make. Having a team who can help simplify and guide you through the often complex process is essential. 

Brees Law Firm takes pride in having helped our clients through the legal closing process across South Carolina. Though our clients may have only met the Brees Law Team at the time of closing, much work is done behind the scenes to make each transaction as easy as possible.

When you have Brees Law Firm on your side you can be assured that professionals with decades of experience look over every issue. Mistakes in real estate transactions can be costly and sometimes take years to address. With Brees Law Firm, you can know you have a partner you can trust

From title issues to easements, Brees Law Firm has seen and dealt with the many issues that can arise from a closing. Whether you are buying your first home, or refinancing, let our dedicated team help you.

Residential Real Estate

Real Estate Closings

South Carolina, by law, requires a lawyer to oversee all real estate closings. Brees Law Firm, LLC, serving as your attorney in a real estate transaction, will bring our experience and dedication to your closing.

Brees Law Firm helps ensure:

  • All necessary documents are drafted, signed, and processed correctly

  • Title Insurance coverage is prepared and issued correctly, helping to protect your assets

  • Both Deed and Mortgage are processed correctly, and are explained

  • Clients understand exactly what they are signing, in simple terms with the time taken to explain every step of the process

  • All title issues are resolved including any possible liens, judgments, unpaid taxes, and other debts

  • And much more

Real Estate Litigation

Brees Law Firm can also help clients with Real Estate Litigation matters. Some of these include:

  • Landlord-Tenant disputes

  • Adverse possession

  • And much more

Resources for Homebuyers

If you recently purchased a home in South Carolina that is your primary residence, you are eligible to apply for a reduced tax rate of 4%. Follow the links below for applications in the respective county of your residence.

Find more Charleston County Tax Forms HERE

Berkley County links to an online service, linked above.

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