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Experts in Commercial Transactions

Commercial Real Estate development and transactions can be labyrinthian and exceedingly complex. With all the rules, regulations, and requirements that can cause headaches for even the most seasoned of clients, Brees Law Firm's experienced staff can help navigate these challenges. 

Brees Law Firm has years of experience across South Carolina, helping clients with everything from easement and zoning requirements to tenant agreements. Our staff takes a hands-on and detail-oriented approach to ensure clients get the most attention, advice, and value possible.

Whether you are developing a new property, investing in real estate, or purchasing a location for your business, Brees Law Firm will be there every step of the way.

Commercial Real Estate

With expertise in commercial real estate, Brees Law Firm is prepared to help navigate the complicated and critically important process of closing. Brees Law Firm can also assist with:

  • Drafting, reviewing, and consulting on purchasing agreements

  • Reviewing all potential issues involving zoning, easements and more

  • Completing a through review and update of all Title Work

  • Ensuring all necessary documents are drafted, signed, and processed correctly

  • Drafting, reviewing and consulting on all tenant agreements and leases

  • And much more

Apartment Building
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